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Creative Design, Web Development, and Management

Slick Demon Creative Works provides creative design, web development, and site management to Businesses, Marketers, and Designers.

Our valued clients & partners receive remarkable, robust sites while removing the fears & burdens associated with ever-evolving web technologies - making it easy & simple.

Design & Coding

We apply stunning design, layout, and animations with advanced functionality to custom interface applications.

Tech Maintenance

We maintain & manage the technical "behind the scenes" operations and accounts, including hosting and DNS.

Support & Management

We take pride in our friendly service & support, and focused management of our client's ongoing data updating.

Everything for your website in one spot.

Your Logo
Your Colors
Your Fonts
Your Style

Creative & modern branding.

We'll bring all the major design aspects together to provide a look & feel that fits you & your project - starting with your ever important logo.

Design Works
Visit "Design Works" to browse some of our designs

A custom web design & layout.

You'll have a stunning site design with a modern layout, made to fit your brand - and responsive to any size screen.

Web Development
Visit "Web Development" for more info

eCommerce ready and able.

You want to sell stuff on your site? You got it. Our sites fully embrace the WooCommerce ecosystem and the gloriously exhaustive selling options it provides.

You'll be able to sell just about any type of product, and as many of them as your heart desires.

eCommerce Integration
Visit "eCommerce Integration" for more info

Full stack web development.

As web developers, our full stack coding abilities give us distinct advantages to customize, troubleshoot, and have fine-tooth control over your site visuals and it's data.

We're able to create custom forms, animations, database queries, API communications, and so much more.

Web Development
Visit "Web Development" for more info

Our fully managed sites allow you to focus on other stuff.

Most sites have many moving parts that need to be constantly edited, modified, and monitored.

We can handle these website chores for you and make sure they're done properly, quickly, and efficiently.

making it easy & worry-free

Support & Management
Visit "Support & Management" for more info

Edit & modify your site's data.

Of course Slick Demon Creative Works can fully manage just about everything from A to Z. But what if you need to edit some of your site's information?

Absolutely. No problem. No sweat.

Support & Management
Visit "Support & Management" for more info

Hosting & maintenance is all taken care of.

Our sites are hosted for you in our VPS environment, optimized for your project and efficient maintenance.

Your site is monitored, data is backed up regularly, and application versions are updated quickly & automatically.

Hosting & Maintenance
Visit "Hosting & Maintenance" for more info

Our Super Service means you'll never be on your own.

We understand that you count on us. Set your mind at ease, knowing you'll have timely, quality, and of course, friendly service & support. We're here to help.

Non-emergency response time is within 24 - 48 hours or less.

Support & Management
Visit "Support & Management" for more info

The most basic SD Website Application is absolutely fully capable.

Every website project starts here, but the SD Website Application is fully featured with everything a simple site requires to go live - for those that need "just a basic site".

Web Development
Visit "Web Development" for more info

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