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Hosting & Maintenance

Our sites are hosted & maintained, and automatically backed up and updated for you on a regular basis.


Worry free hosting & maintenance that keeps on giving.

We're constantly improving our hosting services by adding new features to our existing ones.

Optimized Hosting

Our VPS environment means your site is ready to scale for big traffic spikes with no lag in performance.

Cloud Backups

We back up your site at least every month, and keep that version safe for up to 2 months.

Free SSL Certificate

We'll provide you with our basic SSL Certificate that uses a 2048-bit encryption to protect you and your visitor’s sensitive data.

Uptime Monitoring

We're always monitoring your server response time to check whether your site is down or too slow for your visitors.

Speed & Performance

We implement advanced asset optimization such as file compression, data caching, and CDN delivery when available.

Robust Protection

We secure and harden your site against malicious attacks with scheduled security scans, brute force protection, and more.

SEO Optimization

We run regular sitemap updates, apply meta data, and submit to major search engines so your site is optimized to be seen and indexed.

Automatic Updates

Things change. No need to worry about that – we make sure you’ll always have the latest updates, fixes, and versions of everything.

Enhanced Core

Our core system is always being enhanced & improved upon. You’ll have every upgrade the minute they’re ready for deployment.

Reliable Web Mail

Emails sent by your site are routed through a 3rd party service (Mailgun) to ensure proper formatting and reliable inbox delivery.

Client Support

We provide at least 0.5 hours of timely, friendly, and professional support every month.

Hosting Packages that fit you.

All of our hosting packages come with the features listed above, but have different levels of computing resources.

Essentials Hosting

Resourced for simple sites with light to moderate web traffic.

Shared 2 vCPU
Shared 4 GB RAM
2 GB Storage
250 GB Bandwidth
5k Estimated Monthly Visits
Advanced Hosting

Resourced for websites with medium traffic or light eCommerce.

1 vCPU
1 GB Dedicated RAM
25 GB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth
20k Estimated Monthly Visits
Galactic Hosting

Resourced for websites with heavy traffic and / or well used eCommerce.

2 vCPU
2 GB Dedicated RAM
25 GB Storage
2.5 TB Bandwidth
50k Estimated Monthly Visits
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... in the works ...

currently in research or development.

Monthly Reports

Provide document reports on site security, analytics, performance, and more.

Cloud Content Delivery

Serve images and files from a dedicated delivery server to speed up file delivery to site visitors.

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